is the gold standard for ultra realistic 3d scanning

we help galleries and brands like...
....transform objects from the real-world
into captivating and engaging digital doubles.

A dubbl, once forged, can be located in more than one place transcending both time and space.
You can use your Dubbl scans for:
Virtual Production
Create virtual studios and locations, virtual cameras and shots and perfect synthetic lighting scenarios.

If you embrace this cutting edge approach to your film & photography production
you'll discover that it allows for extremely cost efficient creation of high
quality media and content for a range of use cases.

We'll help you understand the process and provide you with multiple options for publishing.

Dubbl scans can be used within our next generation virtual production film & photography pipeline.
We use the same techniques to produce your films as were used in Disney's Mandalorian series.
A dubbl can appear in the same room with you.

Wondering what they're looking at? 
You can try this out for yourself with the scans shown below.

Just click the AR icon on each item below and then snap the QR code using your iPhone's camera app.

You'll then be able to place the objects you see within your own space.
Augmented reality for mobile devices:

Using your iPhone or iPad snap the QR code in each link below using your camera app and then place the object in your room:
AR for Mobile 1
AR for Mobile 2
AR for Mobile 3
Extended Reality (XR)
Is your organisation ready for the final computing platform?
Social Media

Elevate engagement with your audience across all of your social media channels. Use your dubbl in tailored virtual photos, videos and as interactive 3D models designed for easy sharing on social media.
The dubbl scans above feature some of the works we have  scanned for high profile clients such as:
White Cube, David Zwirner, Victoria Miro, VorticXR, The Natural History Museum, The Horniman Museum & Gardens, Grayson Perry, Kusama, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Franz West, Tal R, Chris Ofili, Njideka Akunyili Crosby, Kusama, and many others including Disney, Microsoft, Virgin Atlantic, BT, Airbus to name a few.
Digital Assets & Licensing
By leveraging the dubbl platform, we can help you plan your digital asset publishing and licensing strategy.

Do not rush to mint digital assets. Do not delay in creating a plan for digital asset creation.

Dubbl is uniquely positioned to help organisations start digitising their physical collections.
Gain access to our team's experience and knowledge and to our patented hardware and software platform.

If you'd like to find out more about how your organisation should approach the nascent world of digital assets, just get in touch. We'd love to talk to you.
Behind the scenes:
A glimpse behind the scenes with Victoria Miro, David Zwirner and VorticXR.